Echoes in the Wind

by Lamentations

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A concept album that tells the story of a man’s spirit journeying through a foreign world and meeting characters along the way that embody the concepts of good and evil, encountering danger as well as receiving enlightenment.

"Echoes in the Wind is a refreshing interpretation of progressive death metal, marrying native influences with heavier music in a fairly innovative fashion." - El Cuervo, Angry Metal Guy


released February 13, 2016

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Danny Jacob - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Flute
Clarence Jeremiah - Guitars

Guest Musicians
Spencer Nah - Erhu on 'Echoes in the Wind' & 'Heart of the Sea'
Michael 'Prophet' Moore - Guitar Solo on 'The Battle Is Not Yours'
Matthew Carl Earl - Piano on Lament

Recorded & Produced by Danny Jacob
Mixed & Mastered by Matthew Carl Earl at Erthe and Axen Studios

Album artwork by Jill Colbert – Manfish Inc.
Track artwork by Ferdinand D. Ladera – Fist Bump Creation
Band Photography by Eewnice
Band Logo by Daryn Baldwin – Glorious Gorification

Lamentations would like to give a special thanks to Michael Moore for his guidance, wisdom and the effort he has put into our band.
We are ever so grateful. This album would not have been possible without you.



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Lamentations Singapore

Progressive Death Metal Duo from Singapore. Debut Album 'Echoes in the Wind' out 13 Feb 2016

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Track Name: Dusk
Track Name: Heart of the Earth
In the black I feel the wind caressing my skin
I awake from a sleep that felt much longer than it should have been
The mind, engulfed by peace, spread throughout the spirit
Behold, the world of the new, and the land of the Novel
Why have I been brought to this Galápagos?
Question of my fate, a destiny veiled
The sun departs, but the mystery prevails
Little does the traveller know,
That his journey is a spiritual separation from the Earth
Fly through the plight
Eyes of the night sky
Death spread on wings
Nightmare filled dream
Wake up son, you've been chosen by the Almighty One
Given your deplorable past, a son nonetheless
Guided to this world
Forced to release your worldly possessions,
Cos' you've been buried in the Heart of the Earth
Track Name: The Battle Is Not Yours
You have finally met death
But your spirit has not
Transcendence into an unfamiliar world
Your journey ahead will redeem you
From the shadows of your past
He is calling
The Lion roars once again
You have never been deserted
The life of spec
Living through a maze
Evil still exists, this land is not pure
Night bearer, wings of wisdom
Words that scratch like claws
Deceiving till the end of days
I will see you through, my spirit with yours
Never deserted, never forsaken
Never a lessened grip to a holding hand
A Saviour risen from the grave
Track Name: Rivers of Past
Subjected to a task
Instructed by the Righteous Wolf
Journey across the bridge to life
Through the Rivers of Past
A taste I have acquired
The water reminiscences the flesh
A reminder of my earthly roots
How this world will save is beyond me
How do you fight an internal demon?
Make life fruitful again
Why the flesh so torturous?
Why the mind so adulterous?
The water so sweet
Yet salvation acquires a different taste
Through the flesh precedes death
Deceived and led to a will
Harvesting a mind of corrupt seed
All the while betraying you, whispering onsets to perish
It’s time for you to Lament
Track Name: Lament
Perched on my back
Plunged through the pool of damnation
Three claws pierced right through
Why re-invent my wounds?
Deeper through the waters
Further from the light
A red sky surfaces
I finally see my enemy
The warning I had received
A beast of an owl
A devil with wings
I limp through the pain
But I see no escape
"I will take you to your second grave
You chose your destiny long ago
Fulfil it in my name"
Time is drawn, present has come to an end
“Don't lose hope, I bring life to the dead”
Track Name: Echoes in the Wind
Track Name: Heart of the Sea
The waves kill the silence
The ground starts crumbling in
The skies begin scattering
The dove descends from above
A spirit sent to rescue me
A bridge forms before me
Narrow rock curbed with death
Leading to the fortress gates
As the tide rises past the shore
The beasts now surfacing
Mountains start to fall
Into the Heart of the Sea
His howl, echoes through the winds
He paces towards the enemy
His eyes, as they gleam
His victory prewritten
A battle won years ago
There's me, the only variability
Yet I am being fought for
Lead me, to the fortress
A safe haven, my new home
Through the narrow path
Keep me from falling
The waters aren't welcoming
Neither are the beasts within it
Track Name: Fortress
The Cherubs guard the gates
They present me with a lifeline
The man with four faces,
Pull me in
I will take refuge
In the shadow of your wings
Claws can pierce, Beasts can taunt
The sun will not strike
Nor the moon by the night
Your keeper your shade
Your Father awaits
I sing from the heart
I awaken the dawn
In this Fortress
The skies are forever
And the drums they beat with dreams
Here I’ll stay
My final resting place
Track Name: Dawn